About Us

We are a group of student innovators with specializations across Engineering and Business fields. We are an emerging start-up, and we hope to someday grow into an industry leading aerospace and defence company.

Our Mission

To solve problems in defence and public safety and make the world a safer place through innovation.

Our Team

Daniel Kofman, CEO

Daniel is an undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering at UIUC. He has been passionate about defense technology since he was in middle school, and started building what is now Kofman Technologies in 2009. Daniel is a charismatic and effective team leader, an experienced engineer, and a brilliant innovator.

Juliana Snarski, COO

Juliana is an undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering and Global Studies at the University of Illinois. Her expertise in global security and team management, combined with her understanding of engineering design, makes her an invaluable member of the Kofman Technologies management team. Juliana joined Kofman Technologies in 2014.

Sriram Raghu, CTO

Sriram is an undergraduate in Computer Engineering at UIUC. His talent in engineering project management is what allow us to implement designs quickly, elegantly, and effectively. Sriram directs our engineering team while contributing heavily to hardware design and software development work. He has been with Kofman Technologies since 2013.

Our Design Team

  • Denis Serdyukov
  • Sarang Chung

Our Engineering Team

  • Nick Zaltsshteyn
  • Daniel Lee
  • Morgan Aavang
  • Andrew Knight
  • Eric Wright
  • Zeeshan Faizal
  • Louis Diamond
  • Yida Liu
  • Krishna Jayaraj