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Omni Controller

Status: Launching Kickstarter Fall 2016!

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“Omni™ is our ultra-intuitive drone controller. Originally developed for first responder use only, it is now being adapted for use by professionals, hobbyists, and consumers.

Intuitive. Omni™ allows you to pilot any compatible drone precisely and effortlessly in days. To fly with Omni™, you just pull the 3D joystick in the direction you want the drone to move.

Customizable. You can use our free PC software to customize every aspect of piloting, from control sensitivity to auxiliary switch and button assignment. You can also connect your own transmitter to the controller’s open transmitter port, and fly anything you want to fly.

Precise. With Omni™, rapid throttle adjustment, simultaneous pitch/yaw, and other precision flying tasks become intuitive. When you don’t have to think about where your thumbs are, you can start thinking about what the drone is doing.