Kofman Technologies

The modular first-responder multi-copter


Status: Limited Beta Release

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Butterfly™ is our first response quadcopter. Its ease of use, modularity, and low cost will allow it to be applied safely in a variety of situations.

Intuitive to operate. Our proprietary Omni™ controller allows a novice pilot to fly Butterfly™ effortlessly in mission scenarios after only a few days of practice. To fly with Omni™, you just pull the 3D joystick in the direction you want the drone to move.

Easy to repair, maintain, and upgrade. Today’s commercial drones are prone to damage but almost impossible to repair, which makes them undesirable for police and fire departments with one-time purchase budgets. Butterfly™ uses a fully modular frame, allowing the user to replace damaged components and implement upgrades with just their hands and a basic tool.

Adaptable. A single Butterfly™ quadcopter can be adapted for almost any application with the help of equipment modules. We’re developing attachment modules for video streaming, thermal imaging, lighting, two-way communications, payload drop, and more. The Butterfly™ frame allows you to attach up to 4 equipment modules at the same time.