Kofman Technologies

Thinner, Lighter, Smarter Rifle Armor


Status: Working prototype

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KT4™ is our proprietary NIJ Level IV body armor insert. We tested a prototype successfully in 2011, and are working towards manufacture readiness. KT4™ is comfortable, standalone, and AP multi-hit.

Low-profile and lightweight. Our novel layering technique provides a thinner, lighter plate with a higher protective level than our competition. KT4™’s optimized form factor will allow users to wear full Level IV armor—without removing any plates—in scenarios where this was previously impractical. Our SAPI Large Size front/back plates weigh under 5.4lb and are .7” thick.

Standalone. KT4™ plates do not need to be worn in conjunction with NIJ Level IIIA soft armor in order to provide NIJ Level IV protection. In the body armor market, this is called ‘standalone’ (SA) capability. SA capability is desirable because it allows for increased mobility and comfort.

Armor Piercing (AP) Multi-hit. The Level IV armor on the market today is rated to stop 3 shots of non-AP rifle ammunition, but only one shot of AP. KT4™ safely stops two shots of AP ammunition.